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Specialty Finishes

World of Plaster's Speciality Finishes include:

World of Plaster Wraw

A unique wall finish, World of Plaster Wraw is designed to mimic the appearance of freshly laid concrete, down to surface texture and micro-bubbles. Wraw is a polymer modified cement-based finish, so it is incredibly durable and flexible, and highly resistant to cracking. Perfect for internal or external surfaces, Wraw has a contemporary, industrial feel and can be sealed with acrylic or wax for extra protection from the elements.

World of Plaster Wanderlust

A luxurious and refined lime-based finish, World of Plaster Wanderlust is suitable for internal or external surfaces. Wanderlust is a Venetian-style decorative plaster which can be applied in a number of ways to achieve your desired finish. The surface can be sealed with wax for a deep shine and superior protection. It is also available in a range of exquisite colours; choose from Veneer, Rose, Tapestry, Pewter, Calico, Envy, Walnut Husk, Legacy, Tangelo, Limoncello, and Burnt Clay.

World of Plaster Wonderstruck

Wonderstruck is a decorative smoothing plaster which has a contemporary, sophisticated feel. This finish mimics the look and feel of Dado, but is far superior in terms of quality, resistance, flexibility, durability and UV stability. Wonderstruck is a rich grey in colour and is equally beautiful either in its raw state or when coated with a sealer for additional protection. It is also very versatile – Wonderstruck can be applied over painted surfaces, pre-cast concrete, AAC, cement fibre board and traditional cement/lime renders. 

World of Plaster Wrust

World of Plaster Wrust is a resin emulsion-based plaster that gives the effect of aged, weathered iron. In a natural process similar to the oxidation of metal, Wrust will transition over time through various phases of ‘rusting’. Once the desired effect is achieved, the surface can be sealed to halt the process, leaving a stable, spectacular finish. This unique property gives you control over the final look, and makes Wrust a finish you’re guaranteed to love.

All World of Plaster speciality finishes are available for purchase. Please make an appointment to come and visit our showroom, and experience the look and feel of these beutiful finishes firsthand.