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Internal Plastering

Float & Set


Internal white 'set' plaster sets the frame for the features of a room, without being a feature in itself. Float & Set is the traditional white plaster that forms the perfect smooth canvas which is perfect for painting on. This plaster process finishes white, hard and smooth. The float (grey scratch product) component of this two-part process forms the perfect solid base on your substrate. The set component is the final visible product applied on top of the float.

Specialty Finishes

World of Plaster’s “W Range” of speciality venetian/polished plaster finishes are the perfect way to create a lasting impression and to add refinement, finesse, visual appeal and value to your home or project. The range has been formulated for use throughout the home and is incredibly versatile - with the addition of sealer products it even makes for stunning bathrooms and unique splashbacks. The products are based on a traditional formulation, tried, testing and currently used in all parts of the world and can be applied internally and externally.

Our Dado (Glass Faced Render) makes for a stylish internal plaster with a high cement and lime content. Dado gives the appeal of a traditional float and set but finishes extremelly hard, making it ideal for high traffic areas that require a smooth finish. This durable plaster product is popular in commercial enviroments like kitchens and hospitals which require a smooth surface that is easy to clean and different from texture.

Please refer to the link for more information on World of Plaster Speciality Finishes - or better still, schedule an appointment to come and see for yourself.

Texture Coating

Not only for external applications. Texture is a flexible and durable acrylic render solution that can be applied almost anywhere and everywhere. Texture gives a course feel that is tinted to your desired colour. We utilise products from the Dulux Acratex and Tufftex ranges which are tried, tested and formulated for gruelling Western Australian conditions. The option of further protection can be achieved by top-coating the texture product, making acrylic texture the most durable and long-lasting plaster and render product on the market today.

Internal Skim Coat

Quick, easy, and cost effective, internal skim finishes give a neat, clean look to inside surfaces. Internal skim finishes are a plaster finish that can be applied directly to the underside of a first floor slab, underneath a concrete staircase or directly onto concrete bulk heads. Perfect for concealing unsightly substrate, these finishes can avoid the need for a suspended ceiling or gyprock lining. They are also ideal for areas with limited space, or where access is difficult. Surfaces are adequately and suitably prepared to ensure that the concrete substrate is properly sealed and treated prior to the application of the skim coat.