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External Plastering

Sand Finish

A versatile and popular render product, Sand Finish is a great way to modernise an older house, or finish off a new house. It is available as a one-coat or two-coat finish, and is a quick, no-fuss way to finish off a new build or transform tired or weathered surfaces, including painted brick.

Sand finish can be painted any colour, and our affliation with The Paint Company allows us to offer an all-in-one render and paint service.

Texture & Top Coat

These finishes incorporate the latest in acrylic technologies and are more flexible and resilient than older-style renders. They can also reduce the possibility of finishes cracking or delaminating. Known for their clean, modern look, these renders allow for movement in the building and are finished with a specialised V-join system to maximise strength and ensure the finish withstands the harsh Australian climate. Texture is available in a range of finishes and colours and does not require further painting, saving time and reducing mess on site.  

World of Plaster can also combine texture coat with a specialised texture-specific top coat paint, like Dulux Acrashield. This improves the quality and durability of the external finish and provides an extended warranty. Top coating also offers better colour conformity and crack prevention and delivers the ultimate protection against atmospheric staining, moisture ingress effervescents, mould, fungi, pollution, dirt, and carbon dioxide ingress. It’s the best way to ensure your house looks beautiful and stays protected for longer!

World of Plaster are also accredited providers of Dulux, Taubmans, Tufftex and Rokcote, so all work is guaranteed for quality and durability. Accreditation allows us to provide warranties of up to 15 years on many of our texture systems.

Limestone Render

LimestoneA more natural alternative to cladding, limestone renders are perfect for feature walls and facades, and are a fantastic way to restore and refresh an older building. They can be used both internally and externally and are available in a range of different finishes. We don’t use any stencil for our limestone renders, so the pattern can be perfectly tailored to the size and space of the job at hand, for a unique solution appropriate to the site. A simple one-coat system makes these renders a great option for renovators and builders alike, as they can be done quickly with minimal disturbance to the site.

The best way to see our spectacular range of limestone renders is to visit our showroom – make an appointment to come and speak to one of our specialists!

Specialty Finishes

World of Plaster’s “W-Range” of specialty finishes is the perfect way to make a statement and add a point of difference to your home. The “W Range” is exclusive to World of Plaster so we can guarantee a one-of-a-kind finish, formulated and applied by the best in the business. Each specialty finish combines traditional plastering techniques with modern design and materials, to provide a range of finishes with timeless appeal and ultimate durability. All World of Plaster specialty finishes are available for purchase.

Please make an appointment  to come and visit our showroom, and experience the look and feel of these beautiful finishes firsthand.

Other External Finishes

We offer a range of other external finishes which include but are not limited to:

Bag Finish: A great economical option for an external finish, Bag finish is a tight coat of render applied to the wall, which is finished with a broom or brush depending on the desired look. Bag finish is a practical, understated way to freshen up the exterior of a property.

Stucco:  A unification of hydrated polymers, marble powder and cements. By design it has the appearance of aged old Roman Stucco, with colour variations and movement. With exposure to seasons, stucco will craze, darken and suede with more intensity than traditional oxide cement finishes. This is the perfect finish for those wanting a traditional Tuscan-inspired look that will mature with the building.

Beading: Quality Beading will provide the foundation for a job that is durable as well as beautiful. World of Plaster use only the highest quality metal lathe and we use primarily Rondo beads for their strength and reliability.