Its always a nice way to round off the year. The invariably nice weather allows those involved in the construction process to schedule and carry out the work with minimal delays, with the target being to complete as many stages of plastering possible before the industry slows down to a crawl over the festive season. 

Its always nice to get homes to certain stages, with my personal favourite being the lock up stage. This is the point in time where the house has been internally float and set (the white plaster finish), with windows and external doors hung and of course locked. My personal experience, is that this is the stage where the home seems to transform from being a house under construction to a future home.

The white walls seem to transform each room, into an area where home owners can begin to visualise how they will use and interact in that space.

Knowing that we can help homeowners achieve that special moment in the construction of their home, at a time of the year where they will have time to bond and enjoy their future abode, gives us at World of Plaster that extra incentive to achieve our booking schedules even more.

And as a bonus, we may even get some time time off during this wonderful time of the year.

Now, time to get back to work. One month to go!!!