In a perfect world, we would be shopping around and getting prices from various suppliers to ensure we get the most for our hard earned dollars.

Of course, other factors need to be considered also. Such as convenience. If we are at Place A, buying Product X, are we really going to drive to Place B to discover we only saved a disproportionate amount in comparison to the fuel and precious time we just spent getting there? Worse still, what if it was more expensive at Place B! Or if researching online, are we going to drive to a shop an extra 20km away to save a few dollars? Probably not!

Another factor would be the value of the item, with the assumption we are going to purchase it anyway regardless of the price. If we could save say 50% on a $2 item, we would most likely do so but only if we were not going too far out of our way. Saving 50% on an item worth $4000, and hey thats worth while changing our usual spending habits to accomodate.

Of course, many factors affect how we decide to spend our money. The quality of the product and service should always be taken into consideration. If it is a product or service that will provide longer lasting benefits such as future servicing, relationship building, and the actual price not varying during the course of the works, then the consumer would only benefit by researching and making their spending decisions based on as much factual information as possible.

I think you can see where I am heading with this! When choosing a trade or product for your new home or renovation, it definitely pays to do your research. Ask for references from previous clients who had similar work performed or have utilised the product. Ask for a fixed price. There have been many examples of a cheaper price becoming a steady stream of "extras" that were assumed to be part of the original scope of works. The saying, "comparing apples with apples" is a favourite of mine. As not all plasterers are the same. Some will provide a fixed price and a professional service. World of Plaster has been around 20 years, and are still servicing some of our clients from back in 1999. I know many stories of  trades who price cheaply to win the job, then plan to charge extras along the way. I also know of many plasterers (and other trades of course!) who change their phone numbers on a regular basis. Almost a popup version of a tradesperson. Great for certain items, but not great for a tradesperson working on your biggest asset!!!

To kindly summarise, I urge everyone to research the products and services they spend their hard earned money on. Ask for the fixed price, and compare the service and quality they will receive in a manner where you will benefit most!

Time for me to go, as I am working on a fixed price quote for one of my clients. Please make sure you give us a call if you need a quote!